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“Look among the nations, and see; wonder and be astounded. For what I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told.” – Habakkuk 1:5 – ESV

In the USA, we are in an election year. The economy is getting worse by the day. There is unrest around the globe and currently multiple wars. There are threats of wars and global disputes happening daily. The news and media are inundating our minds with every tragedy in real time as it happens. This is the world we live in.

And yet….. 

I read that verse and I am filled with incredible hope. I know that this year, 2024, will be so remarkable that we can’t even comprehend it. In that verse, the word astounded was used. As I meditated on this verse, that word stood out, so I looked it up. It means to be amazed by something unexpected. God is telling us that it would be impossible for Him to tell us what he is yet to do this year because it is so unexpected, and that we will be amazed. 

The Holy Spirit in me knows this is true. Along with recognizing truth from God, there is a responsibility placed on us. We are his hands and feet. We have a responsibility to respond to his call, to not only wait in hopeful expectation but to prepare for his good works. We need to take action and stay in action. 

I have many conversations each week with many women. There are some common themes to what holds them back from everything they desire. The big one? The most common one? THEMSELVES. Yes, they are stopping themselves. The root of that could be self-doubt ( which I believe is doubting God). It could be fear of what others think, or any number of other excuses for staying stagnant. Yes, I said excuses.

The bottom line is, there is never a reason good enough for disobedience to what God is asking of you. 

I am calling on you to unleash! I am asking you to step into the most vibrant version of yourself. I am looking for the ones who are ready to leave it all behind for Him. There is a cost to this. You must get moving. You have to take risks. You have to make decisions and sacrifices. You have to be bold and do things you are afraid of. You have to confront the naysayers and the doubters. You have to push past what feels good, and step into the unknown and the scary. 

The unleashing will allow you to be ALL of you. Not the watered-down version, or the version you think you are supposed to be, or the version of you that someone else wants. The version of you that God saw as he “knit you together in your mother’s womb”. When you allow yourself to be THAT, you will feel freedom, courage, and peace because this is who you were made to be. You have officially been called out. I am daring you to unleash this year; start today! 

Join me this year in stepping up and stepping out to partner with God’s plans and live more courageously than ever before. When Kingdom women align and take action, the enemy cowers in fear! 



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