About Us

Girl Power Alliance was founded in 2020

as a lifelong entrepreneur and
passionate follower of Jesus,

Michelle Schaffer never found a place she could be fully authentic. In professional circles, professing her faith was discouraged. In circles of ministry, talking business was discouraged. She has always been taught, if you want to be successful in business, then you never talk about politics or religion.

“I wanted to create a community where women like me could truly be authentic. I believed that sharing your faith boldly as an entrepreneur was not a weakness, but a massive strength.” – Michelle Schaffer

The Girl Power Alliance course contributors and Ambassadors share a common thread. While we are not religious, we all love Jesus and want to keep him at the center of everything we do. Having 17+ years of experience and massive success in the network marketing profession, it was not a stretch that Michelle would want to use that experience to bless other women. Our platform is a place where women can grow their skills, their faith, their knowledge, and their income.

“We are changing the narrative. We are doing something new in a way it hasn’t been done before. We are breaking the religious mold and empowering women to stand in their true God-given identity.” Michelle and her talented team – Farras Seay, Molly Trotter-Gomez, Savanna Schaffer, Paige Williams and Jill Taylor – are all passionate about empowering women to become all that God created them to be. Girl Power Alliance is committed to keeping Christ at the center of everything they do, and pioneering the vision of creating financial sovereignty for more women around the world.

michelle schaffer


Michelle Schaffer has had an extensive 17+ year career in the network marketing profession.  She has held corporate roles and has built massive sales teams. She is a multi-million dollar earner, generating  almost 100 million in sales She is a biblical leadership expert. Creator of Radiant Leadership Academy 2-time Published Author Podcast Host


molly trotter-gomez

Director of Field Development

Molly was a former television news anchor who also appeared on ESPN, transitioned from the news industry to become a calling coach. In this role, she assists professionals in expressing their authentic voices confidently and unapologetically.

With over a decade of experience in front of the camera, Molly has empowered numerous professionals to boost their confidence and elevate their businesses.

She is our Director of Field Development at Girl Power Alliance, guiding ambassadors to create passive-residual income through the Ambassador program.

Molly firmly believes that “Your Story is Meant to Be Mentorship to Somebody Else.”

farras seay

Director of Marketing & Communications

Farras is the brilliance behind all of the GPA marketing design and social media.

She has had over 17+ years of experience in customer service management and special events.

She is an expert in Website Design and Content Creation. Her creativity shines as a Digital graphic designer.

Farras has also taken Radiant Leadership Academy 3x and is a Certified Radiant Leader.

As the Director of Marketing & Communications of Girl Power Alliance, she believes that all women can overcome an obstacle and become the Women God destined them to be! 

Savanna Schaffer

Event Coordinator &
CEO Executive Assistant

Savanna graduated with honors and served at the editor of the yearbook for 2 years.

She worked in children’s ministry for 8 years.
She is gifted in music and art.

She has worked as part of the event team a 4000 member church.

At GPA she will serve as Event Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the CEO

Jill Taylor

Director of Merchandise

Jill is an experienced professional in the boutique clothing industry for over 6 years and brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Director of Merchandise at Girl Power Alliance.

With a diverse skill set encompassing sourcing, buying, creating, manufacturing, and community-building on Facebook, she is a seasoned Facebook Live selling expert.

Known for her genuine and relatable on-camera presence, Jill fosters a family-like environment that resonates with viewers.

Her mastery of numerous fashion-related skills makes her an invaluable addition to the team, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to something remarkable at Girl Power Alliance.