Giveback Day 2023


Giveback day is back! Change begins with you. On Saturday, April 22nd, our entire community is going to GIVE BACK! 

What can you do in your community? Pay for someone’s coffee in line, run a food drive, mow a neighbor’s lawn, or give a busy mom a few-hour break. We are passionate about contribution and giving back. Whatever it is you decide to do, we want to celebrate it. 

Take pictures, record a video, and post it in the GPA Facebook group and use the hashtag #gpagiveback2023. Let’s start a tidal wave of giving back & good deeds, and flood social media with it. In addition to giving back in your own hometown, we are selling GPA giveback tee’s. 100% of the proceeds will go to a very special group of children in need. 

Maison Rose Orphanage located in Hinche, Haiti – Currently with 21 kids at the Orphanage

Ranging from 6 years old to 17 years old.

We will run donations through the Leave It Better Foundation or buy purchasing one of our #givebackday2023 T-Shirts, our goal is to raise $5000. Buy this adorable tee and know that you are changing lives with every purchase. 

Purchase your #givebackday2023 today

Buy one for yourself and one for a friend, your daughter, sister, or mom. Alone we have power, but together, we have IMPACT! Our goal is to raise $5000 for the orphanage, which means we need to sell 250 tee shirts. Help us reach our goal. Help us create a tidal wave of impact on April 22!