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One of the two most important days in human history just occurred: Resurrection Sunday. As followers of Jesus, we learn about the crucifixion of Christ all throughout our journey as Believers. We also learn of the false accusations and illegitimate conviction of a man who broke no laws.

The suffering he endured, the mocking, the torture and the pubic humiliation. To his disciples and followers, they knew of his power. They had seen it first hand. For three years they traveled with him as he performed miracles. They were painfully aware of the truth, that at any moment he could have stopped what was transpiring in front of them. He chose not to stop it. He chose the fate that was before him, because it was his Fathers will. The night before it all, Jesus in a state of extreme stress, cried out to the Father,

“If it is possible, may this cup be taken from me.

Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

How many times have we prayed the first part of that prayer? Lord please take this from me. Lord please open a door or close a door. Father, please change this.

It is the second part that we all seem to struggle with. (paraphrasing) Father, take this trial from me, but if you don’t I will trust you and keep going. Lord, even if what you want for me requires that I walk directly into the fire, I will go there, if it is your will for me.

Wow! That is next level faith, trust and submission.

Jesus was hung on the cross to suffer. Crucifixions were designed to give a slow and painful death to those subjected to it. And this manner of punishment was meant to devise public humiliation. A crowd gathered and watched, mocking “The Christ”. They threw things at him as he hung there. His disciples hid in the crowd for fear of their own conviction and punishment. Alone, he hung.

We often think of the shock that came to the disciples when Jesus died that day. They must have felt grief and shock. They must have felt fear and chaos. How could Jesus just let that happen when he had the power to stop it? Yes we call it Good Friday, but that day was anything but good.

Then, Saturday… the loss. The finality of losing someone you love so much. Never to hear their voice again. It doesn’t feel real, it feels … out of body and disconnected, disassociated. They must have wondered, “What do we do now?!”

But Sunday was coming. As lovers of Jesus, we celebrate our history and the greatest gift that has ever been given to humanity. We wear bright spring colors and sing songs. We homogenize it all so much that it feels like we have forgotten the power of the Risen King. HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD! It was a supernatural act from the Son of God that was all part of his plan to save YOU and ME, and every other life that has ever lived, and will ever live.

We are humbled and shaken at this kind of love, at this level of sacrifice for me. Over 2000 years later, he did that for us. For all the mistakes we have made, for all the wrong turns we have taken, for all the ways we have not honored him, and he still did that so we could be with him for eternity. He did it for our kids, and their kids and their kids. We don’t think we will ever be able to create a string of words that give justice to this gift.

So we will devote the remainder of our lives doing all we can to honor him and make his name known. We will work to break off religious lies and help give more people hope. We will pursue excellence and help as many other people as we can do the same. We will pour resources into the Kingdom and help others do the same.

His sacrifice and gift deserves nothing less than that from us. And… We are going to live our lives. We are going to laugh, love and dance, and be silly. We’re going to go big and make mistakes. We are going to take big risks, and we are going to love people, especially the people who seem so hard to love because they need to the most. We are going to keep offending, because the demons are really offended by people like us.

April is a month to begin again, to take an inventory of 2024 so far. Have you been living in a way to honor the gift? There are a million ways to do this. Our way is here, through this company. We are inviting others into a culture of love and grace, and a lifestyle of growth. We could not be more proud of what we are doing or the way we are doing it.

We hope this will serve as a wake up call to shake yourself out of complacency and stagnation. Wake up! Get up! Get moving! There is a whole world out there waiting for you. Let’s do it together!


Bobby & Michelle

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