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Debbi Sluys, founder of Dare to Declare™, is a coach, trainer, and speaker who specializes in helping people expand their brain’s potential to see what is possible for their future with Vision boards.

As a former Child Care Director, Debbi has studied personal development for over 30 years and has facilitated and witnessed science at work by guiding over a thousand clients to identify and declare their Vision both online and in-person in her Dare to Declare™ studio.

As an adopted child and survivor of child abuse, her mission to support women to declare their truth is her life purpose. Debbi is the host of the Dare to Declare Podcast, where giant manifestos come to share how they’ve turned their visions and goals to reality! She lives in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.







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  1. Sooo many things resonated with me on this podcast!!
    Debbi, I’m also from Ontario Canada, lived through abuse as a child and hubby and I adopted 4 children after raising out 3 birth kids to adulthood!
    I used to sell Discovery Toys where I learned that children learn through play.
    I have always had big ideas but they were squashed by my narcissistic abusive father. My self worth has fluctuated my entire life.
    God spoke to me in dreams, answered prayers by making me a mother, and then after 3 pregnancy losses, a foster & adoptive Mom.
    I’ve been amazed at how God got me here even through times when I tried to do EVERYTHING, burning myself out and losing time with my first kids, almost destroying my marriage trying to prove myself myself.
    I have dreams again, mostly of writing stories for children or a novel but have trouble with how or if that’s my dream or God’s. I want so much to teach people to protect children from sexual abuse & trafficking but no one seems to listen. I want to somehow make it a positive hopeful thing. I want a place/home for teens aging out of foster care and safe homes for victims of trafficking to start over with skills training, therapy, family love.. but I’m still raising little kids who have been thru trauma themselves and I’m almost 54.

    I’m afraid my time is running out.
    And the how gets in the way.

    I was just given a giant dry erase board to start writing my visions.
    After my Easter choir concert tonight, one child’s birthday and hosting family for Easter I have a goal to START OVER NEW.

    Thank you so much for being on this podcast and renewing hope for me. God bless you!

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