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Giveback Day 2024


Over the last 4 years Girl Power Alliance has committed to Giving Back to the community and non-profits! Last year we gave back to Orphanage in Haiti and raised over $2000! 

This year we have become an A21 Partner with the goal of raising $20k in 2024! A21 has a goal of abolishing ALL slavery. We are proud to aid in their efforts by raising and donating funds to this powerful organization. 

FREEDOM for all is something we are VERY passionate about and would love for you to take part! 

This year Girl Power Alliance giving back day will be on April 20th, 2024 – BUT we want you to think about giving back all year long. April is become our Giveback month, we want to encourage you to do something this month! This could be helping someone at the grocery store, offering your time in your community, picking up trash, helping the homeless, offering support to a local shelter! 

Whatever you do, we want to see it! Make sure to tag us with #givebackday2024 and show us what you are doing to give back! 

We are giving 100% of the proceeds of our giveback tees to A21 and if you want to donate directly you can do so with this link below.

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We also have shirts available for pre-order and all of the proceeds will be donated to A21!