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It has been extraordinarily beautiful in Southern California this spring, and with all the beauty, there is a special message for you. California has been in an extreme and dire drought for many years. Our water supply has been critically low for a long time. There were many restrictions on our use of water in order to conserve the little amount that we had. This has gone on for many years. Most winters bring mild weather with just a few rainy days. Our snowpack was minimal which led to very little water after the spring thaw. 

However this year, the rain came. It came in ways no one predicted. There were huge storms again and again. Lakes that were almost completely dry after decades of drought, refilled in a matter of weeks. Month after month we were the recipients of storm after storm and each of them bringing record breaking rain. On top of all the rain, the California snowpack broke every record, dumping feet and feet of snow all over our parched state. 

Because of the overwhelming amount of rain we have had, for months and months on end, we have been having what is aptly called a “SUPER BLOOM” This phenomenon only happens when there has been so much rain, that the ground gets soaked deep beneath the surface and as a result it reaches seeds that have laid dormant for years and even decades. Hillsides and fields that would normally have a short lived green glow, are now alive with color from millions of flowers. It is quite a sight to behold. People drive from miles around to view the California Golden Poppy covered hills. You can even see the bright orange color from airplanes. 

This super bloom is a message of hope that is far more important than a few months in spring. Maybe you have felt like you have been in a drought. Maybe it has been years and years and you are not moving forward. Maybe you have not been able to reach the goals you have set. Maybe you have been feeling like the many lakes in waterways here in California, dried up and almost out of hope. 

Get up, stand up and begin to prepare for the rain. God has not forgotten you. Just like he poured out onto the dry land of my home state, when the time is right, he will open the storehouses for you too. He won’t just bring the rain, he will bring an abundance, and overflow for you to enjoy and share. Isn’t just how God works. He allows us to keep sowing, to keep doing the work, to keep praising him even when there is no evidence of the blessing yet. Only to pour out more than you could ask or imagine in His timing.

His promises are real. His love is real. Stay the course. Don’t give up. Stand in praise and let God do his thing in your life!

The planning for our biggest event of the year is in full force. There’s still time to grab your ticket before the early bird price of $249 ends. July first the price will go up to $279 per person. 

This event will shift you. You will get to fellowship and learn with hundreds of other ladies while we worship and celebrate a year of hard work and big breakthroughs. 

Grab your ticket now and don’t forget to book your room. Tickets to the event are limited, as is the hotel room block. Don’t miss out.

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