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In North America spring has officially sprung. All around us is evidence of rebirth and resurrection of dormant plants, trees, and flowers. What may have felt like a long cold winter, is beginning to fade away into warm sunny days filled with color and life.

This is a beautiful example of what can happen in our lives. If you are in a winter season, hold on, spring is coming. In the same way we read about the followers of Jesus on Friday, grieving, disillusioned, angry, and afraid. But Sunday was coming! 

April is a special month for me. In addition to the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, I get to celebrate the birth of my firstborn child. It was a cold rainy day in April. I was a 16-year-old girl. The moment I saw my daughter’s perfect little face, I was instantaneously and permanently changed. That little baby girl is now a 33-year-old married woman now with a beautiful baby girl of her own. 

My story is one of God’s grace, redemption, and faithfulness. You can get through anything! You are stronger than you even know. No matter where you have been, know that ‘Sunday is coming”. 

Xo Michelle  

We want to officially announce our new Girl Power Alliance tagline. CHANGE YOURSELF CHANGE THE WORLD. We are passionate about our mission and resolve. We know for certain that by continuing to grow, and by becoming the best version of ourselves, we change our own lives dramatically. The effect of that, however, is that the people in our lives also change. Our families change, our relationships change, and our opportunities change. Our new tagline is the perfect way to express our mission. 

Giveback day is back! Change begins with you. On Saturday, April 22nd, our entire community is going to GIVE BACK! 

What can you do in your community? Pay for someone’s coffee in line, run a food drive, mow a neighbor’s lawn, or give a busy mom a few-hour break. We are passionate about contribution and giving back. Whatever it is you decide to do, we want to celebrate it. 

Take pictures, record a video, and post it in the GPA Facebook group and use the hashtag #gpagiveback2023. Let’s start a tidal wave of giving back & good deeds, and flood social media with it. In addition to giving back in your own hometown, we are selling GPA giveback tee’s. 100% of the proceeds will go to a very special group of children in need.  Purchase your Shirt Now!

This year we are giving to the Maison Rose Orphanage located in Hinche, Haiti – Currently with 21 kids at the Orphanage ranging from 6 years old to 17 years old.

Our goal is to raise $5000. We will need to sell 250 Shirts by the end of April. Buy this adorable tee and know that you are changing lives with every purchase.

We are proud to announce the graduation of 21 brand-new Radiant Leadership & Life Coaches. 

These incredible women will be the first officially certified group of women to teach The Radiant Leadership Academy to an all-new group of students. We are proud to offer this in-depth training on discipleship and leadership. The message of RLA needs to be taught in every time zone, on every continent, and in every language.

 If you feel called to help spread the message, be sure to sign up for RLA now. You must have one full 16-week class of RLA before you can sign up for the Radiant Leadership & Life Coach training.  

Radiant Leadership & Life Coaching Graduates:

Aly Porter

Brandie Thomas

Danae Petersen

Dawn Howell

Felicia Uhm

Hannah Maher

Jessica Lockhart

Karen Elizabeth Bastean

Karen Mettam

Laurie Herbers

Lemon Price 

Lisa Vanderkwaak

Lucy Martinez

Monica Burnett

Nicole Roth

Rachel Borntrager

Kimberly Santiago

Michelle Tufford

Jazzmine Kemp-Barlow

Janice Bird

Farras Seay

Molly Trotter-Gomez  

At Girl Power Alliance, we offer so much more than just digital resources. We have many live virtual offerings, from the Radiant Leadership Academy, Radiant Speaker Academy, our live training and mentoring calls every week and now we are coming to a hometown near you! Yes, we are bringing Girl Power Alliance to towns all across North America. We have already visited North Idaho and Dallas Texas. In May we will host an event in Manhattan Beach California.

Our firm belief is that we can change the world by changing ourselves. As more “BE THE CHANGE” events get scheduled, we will keep you notified. If you want to host a “BE THE CHANGE” event in your hometown, click the link to learn how.

We are thrilled to bring the GPA culture and mission to more people to experience firsthand. You are officially invited to help us spread the news. Check back in a few weeks for even more updates inside the GPA Community!

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